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The Laurie Marie Foundation was established in 2016 by Dr. David W. Carter as a way to help college students become debt free while also providing them with leadership development opportunities.


Dr. Carter, an experienced educator and corporate trainer, studied the rise of the student loan debt crisis in America (1.2 trillion and growing) and was compelled to invest directly into students' lives.


Although he is a university professor, Dr. Carter does not give lectures; he gives experiences—one hour, one organization, one student at a time. The Laurie Marie Foundation provides scholarship opportunities through Dr. Carter's speaking series titled, Ex Nihilo (translated from Latin: out of nothing), a series that was designed to provide high quality leadership training to businesses and organizations while also funding students’ education. 




For every experience booked by your organization, half of the proceeds are given to directly fund student scholarships. 

The Ex Nihilo model is simple:

1. Book an experience with Dr. Carter to train your team members.

2. Get blown away by an engaging experience.

3. Cheer your contribution to education as half of the proceeds are given directly to college students the day of the event.

The Laurie Marie Foundation

Debt Free. Care Free.

Our mission is to provide scholarship opportunities to students around the world.