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speaking something out of nothing...

The Walking Miracle

Dr. David W. Carter grew up in abject poverty, in a drafty shack in rural Kentucky, with holes in the roof.

He didn't stay there.

Today, Dr. Carter is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, influencing audiences around the globe to reach their maximum potential by pushing themselves beyond what they thought was possible. An experienced educator for several institutions, businesses, and non-profit organizations, he has served in the United States Air Force as a combat engineer, as a police officer, and as an education technician for the National Park Service.


Dr. Carter has built a career around personal growth and success by doing two things: growing personally and achieving success. No gimmicks. No substitutes. He holds a doctorate in higher education and organizational change from Benedictine University (summa cum laude), and he has given two TEDx talks about leadership: The Lesser Seat (2015) and How Old Are You? (2016). In 2016 Dr. Carter established the Laurie Marie Foundation—a non-profit devoted to developing student leaders and providing scholarships. His past work has appeared on multiple news and media outlets and, most recently, C-SPAN’s Book TV, which highlighted his 2013 bestseller, Mayday Over Wichita.


I Help People & Organizations Reach Their Maximum Potential.