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Dr. David W. Carter

change is a journey, not a destination

I build leaders professionally; classic cars, so-so.



Dr. David W. Carter

is a learning and development consultant.

He helps organizations transform culture through compassion, connection, and the development of inclusive environments.

Christy Classi, CAE

Executive Director

Kansas Society of Association Executives

Dr. Carter's presentation for KSAE was engaging and inspiring.  Participants continued to discuss his thoughts on leadership for the rest of the conference and found his take-aways to be valuable and thought provoking.


Elizabeth Lenherr,

Director of Learning and Development

Advisors Excel

We hired Dr. Carter to speak to our employees, with high hopes that he would come into Advisors Excel and rock the house. He did not disappoint. His speaking style is high energy, relevant, and challenging and our entire team, over 400 employees, thoroughly enjoyed his keynote. He took a drab topic like Business Ethics, spiced it up by giving the workshop an aerospace theme, and then topped it all off by showing up and presenting wearing his flight suit! Dr. Carter is a true class act! He is an accomplished individual who brings his topics to life in a brilliant motivating, and relatable way. 

Best speaker I have ever hired!


Kim Savage,

CIS Project Director

Westar Energy

Dr. Carter did an amazing job and provided great ideas for us to apply as we went through our merger.


Fun & hard work do not have to be mutually exclusive.




The Services

Dr. David W. Carter helps organizations solve their most complex people issues by providing a broad set of services with leadership expertise.

DEI Services

Dr. Carter works with individuals and teams by performing an extensive and personal analysis of how  lived-experiences impact inclusion. It’s a powerful solution that leads to true behavior change.

Leadership Development

1:1 and team coaching with Dr. Carter is typically phased over 3-6 months, to help leaders build the capabilities they need to inspire and enable their teams to thrive in a disruptive world

Organizational Design

Partner with Dr. Carter to develop strategic direction, priorities, and purpose for a new operating framework and organizational design.

The Car

Her name is "Marlene"

Born in 1967. Driven daily.

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The Human

Dr. David W. Carter is a learning and development consultant, a dedicated servant-leader, and a classic car enthusiast. He draws the parallels of restoring a classic car into his work with leaders as it takes patience, perseverance, and the learning of new skills to see the project through. David believes in building leaders and organizations by placing empathy as the engine and driver of the work being performed.

Described as a leader in facilitating civil dialogue, David has devoted his professional life to help leaders reach a new level of performance and ensure that organizations create environments where the full potential of everyone can be realized.

A trained historian, David is captivated by the examples provided by history that can teach leaders how to make a greater impact on the people they serve. Through his research, he has discovered tangible examples of how the best leaders harness emotional intelligence and inclusivity to foster environments in which people feel heard, understood, and acknowledged.

In addition to his years of experience supporting several institutions, businesses, and non-profit organizations, David has also served in the United States Air Force as a combat engineer, as a police officer, and as an education specialist for the National Park Service with a focus on racial equity.

​David holds a doctorate in education, leadership, and organizational change from Benedictine University (summa cum laude), and he has given two TEDx Talks about leadership: The Lesser Seat (2015) and How Old Are You? (2016). Active in not-for-profit work as well, David established the Laurie Marie Foundation—a non-profit devoted to developing student leaders and providing scholarships—in 2016.


If he is not in his garage “tinkering” on his 1967 Mustang, you can find David spending most of his time working with organizations and leaders around the globe to develop and restore inclusive cultures. 

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